WeekendSnackPack@gmail.com | 1120 McGovern Ave, Mitchell, SD

Who qualifies?

The Weekend Snack Pack is distributing over 375 packs per week to students who qualify by income levels in their homes.  Many of their parents are both working; however, their salaries are at minimum wage or they work part-time.  These are the working poor in Mitchell who are struggling to make ends meet.  These snacks provide a little extra food for the weekend and benefit the entire family as they are often shared with siblings as well.

  • Anyone who qualifies for free or reduced lunches in their school also qualifies for the Weekend Snack Pack Program.

  • A form will come home with the student in the first weeks of school allowing parents to sign up for this.

  • At any time during the year parents can get a form from the school to begin receiving a Snack Pack.

  • Participating schools include: LB Williams, Longfellow, Gertie Belle Rogers, John Paul II, Mitchell Senior High school, and Second Chance High.

  • If your school would like to participate, please call Cindy at 605-770-5832